When Should Poker Players Staking Small Move Up To Big Games?

Small stake poker players are always looking for answers to their concerns regarding when to move up on bigger games. Answer seems simple – when your bankroll is sufficiently big move up and when it plummets play small. However, you will need to consider several aspects besides the bankroll size.

Are you winning?

In each session, keep track of how much you win and lose. While playing online make use of poker tracking software. You will not just know your strengths but also your weaknesses. It will help in making decisions on the game to play as well as when to shuttle to next level.

Review your play history and see how you do per hour or per big blind on https://99situsbandarq.biz/18-situs-poker-online-terpercaya-dan-terbaik-2016/, while playing.

Win rates and ROI

Win rate on cash rate is basically the volume of big bets placed in an hour for limit poker. For no-limit Hold’em big blinds for each 100 hands. ROI or return on investment means net profit earned on playing poker. If both your win rate and ROI is positive then you need to move up. Many statistics, graphs, formulas, and benchmarks are made available to judge yourself as well as other players. However, it is a good idea to focus on finding games, which increase your bankroll per hour.

Beat the low stake games first but these can be raked heavily than high stake games. In this scenario, it makes sense to move up, even if you are not hitting it, so as to avert getting trodden by the rake.

Playing style

Some players display little variance and win small amounts taking tiny risks. Few players are plungers and accept huge gambles. If you play high variance poker style then you are a maniac wanting to start high. Players with little variance need less bankroll to move to big games than those playing high variance style as they will display less discrepancy at high level. They will have less bankroll management risk, if they run bad for some time.

Bankroll management

Determine if you can afford to manage the variance of big game. For this know your poker bankroll affordability and how you can replace playing bankroll easily. Knowing and understanding your poker playing bankroll position will decide if you can move up or not. How easy or hard it is for you to gain bankroll lost at high stake needs to be answered first.

Psychology & comfort

Poker player needs to feel comfortable to move up or else they will play weak poker. Having sufficient cash or not is not the major question to play high stake games but it is the psychology that plays a good role. You can test play high stake game and if you find it uncomfortable then move down easily.